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Contact: Stevie and Alicia Johns
Ph: 918-245-5241    
Everybody ought to go to Sunday School, Sunday School, Sunday School; The men, the women, the boys and the girls; Everybody ought to go to Sunday School."

Children often sing that familiar chorus in Sunday School classes all over the land. And the Pentecostals At New Life truly do offer nurturing, Bible-based Sunday School classes for everybody. New Life Sunday School teachers present practical lessons from the Word of God to people of every age level -- from toddlers to senior citizens. Teachers make full use of puppet shows, arts and crafts, music and singing and Centers of Interest activities to make scriptural learning educational and fun. We learn best through participation and Bible stories at New Life are often interactive, with young people dressing up in period costumes and bringing to life Bible characters in dramatic skits. At New Life adult Sunday School, seasoned ministers preach and teach valuable and inspirational lessons from God's Word. Yes, there truly is something for everybody at New Life, where men, women, boys and girls of all ages can come and -- as the Lord Jesus said -- "Learn of Me."

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